Five Reasons to Visit Kazakhstan

1. The Eurasian continent's geographical center is in Kazakhstan at the intersection of meridian 78° East and parallel 50° North.

August 31, 2017

Natural riches and climate conditions of the world's 9th largest country by land mass make Kazakhstan a unique place on Earth. The country is a host to 10 natural reserves and 11 national parks and a home to rare and endangered wild animals, birds and plants' species.

Ours is a land of boundless steppes of Sary-Arka, snow-capped summits and vast glaciers of Tien Shan, and turbulent mountain rivers of Trans-Ili Alatau. The south of the country boasts the magnificent Charyn Canyons, the west - alabaster white rocks of Mangystau and fish rich waters of the Caspian Sea. The east is rich with mountainous woods of Altai and famous for its ribbon-like relict pine forests. Scorching desert of Kyzyl Kum and boiling sun are offset by a network of full flowing rivers and emerald-colored water lakes with their unique flora and fauna. It is widely known that apples and tulips originated in Kazakhstan. 18 out of 35 Kazakh tulip varieties are in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.

2. Treasured ancient nomadic culture, traditions and ways of life

August 31, 2017

Kazakhstan is a country of age-old traditions and amazing synthesis of a glorious past and emergent modernity! Kazakhstan's 1500 kilometers of the Great Silk Road still have traces from time immemorial, and still caravans of knowledge and wealth are moving along the ancient route. Modern Kazakh art is deeply rooted in the nomads' original religion of Tengri, which still is an important part of Kazakh spiritual heritage. Until today Kazakhs follow ancestral traditions and customs, and cultural values are passed on from generation to generation.

Kazakhstan is home to over 25,000 historical, archeological, architectural landmarks and monumental art objects, 147 museums, 8 historical and cultural museum and heritage sites. Unique landscapes and sacred sites await you everywhere around the country.

3. A modern successful state.

August 31, 2017

The modern Kazakhstan has been independent for the last 25 years. Meanwhile, the history of the Kazakh state extends back to centuries. 2015 has seen the celebration of an important milestone: the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate. During its fledging years as a part of the USSR, before the attainment of its national sovereignty in 1991, Kazakhstan achieved a lot in terms of industrial and agricultural growth, scientific and societal progress. Over 25 years of its independence, the country made a major breakthrough in its economic and industrial development. As one of the fastest growing CIS countries, Kazakhstan plays an important role in the region's political landscape.

4. A multi-ethnic and multi-religious society

August 31, 2017

Kazakhstan is home to a close-knit society of 17 million people of 130 different ethnicities and 17 religions. Kazakh people were always known for their hospitability and warmth. Under the aegis of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan numerous ethnic cultural centers function to preserve and pass on cultural identity of each ethnicity. Traditional festivals of Kazakhstan's diverse ethnic communities are celebrated by everyone irrespective of their origin.

Freedom of religious belief is a cornerstone of a tolerant society and a strong state, and a formative principle for modern generations of Kazakhstanis. Doors of mosques, Russian Orthodox churches, Catholic cathedrals, synagogues and temples are open to all. Close friendships and respect of each other's differences are a linchpin of peace and concord among the diverse ethnic communities of Kazakhstan.

5. Traditional Kazakh cuisine

August 31, 2017

Ethic Kazakh foods - mainly, meat dishes, dairy products and pastry made in a traditional way - are worthy of special attention. Nomadic lifestyle produced a range of traditional foods with unique flavors and specific recipes. Mutton, beef, horse and camel meats are essential ingredients of delectable Kazakh dishes. Besparmak, qouirdaq, qazy, qarta, and tasty sorpa are Kazakh cuisine's most coveted gastronomic specialties. Each dish is cooked in strictly traditional manner and is served in its own very special way.

Kazakh dairy products and dishes are worth mentioning as a separate point. Apart from regular cow milk, Kazakh cuisine uses koumiss and shoubat, fermented mare and camel milk, widely known for their powerful health benefits. Many sorts of sweets, cultured milk products, churned butter, qourt, irimshik and other traditional dairy delicatessen are made in Kazakhstan. Welcome to Kazakhstan! Discover a completely new world of rich authentic culture and majestic scenic landscapes!

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